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New Domain

Just in case someone comes across this post I thought I'd give an update on my website. I know this blog hasn't been read in years since I stopped blogging here in 2009 but someone might stumble across this. It took me a long time but I finally got the memo on my shitty blogging skills. I couldn't get a comment to save my life.

The weebly website is now Fic Gal. http://ficgal.com

I'm trying to move over Moonlight Dwelling which is now Fic Girl. I stupidly thought I could transfer the domain and found out when it was too late that I can't. Good thing I used a coupon for that and hello to the stroke of good luck I got when I won a contest that allowed me to get a domain at the other place.

I literally have A-x when it comes to fandoms including original stuff. Maybe people will actually read it over at the other place. I added some more series since things always seem to snowball with me so it is beyond Crystal Falls at this point since there are five series up right now along with the other things I'm moving over. Who knows maybe I'll see about catching up on that doing a drabble for each episode of Supernatural. So pop by for a visit and who knows maybe you won't be afraid to leave a comment or say hi in the chat box.