Shades Of Melancholia

If ya fudgin' touch me again I'll fudgin' kill ya.

Barbara Desmond
I gave up blogging since I had to face the fact that I just suck at it. It kind of pisses me off that I wasted so much time writing so many posts that got ignored. Regardless of whether they were read or not they obviously weren't worth the lousy minute or two it would take to leave a flaming comment.

Elle & Josef Icon: Paynesgarden (I tried doing the link but I have the wrong LJ address so let me know what it is so I can link the icon which I've put on the sidebar. Where possible I have each icon linking to the LJ of the person that made it.

The WeatherPixie

Well I'm a girl that loves reading and writing. I even read while I'm walking which seems to impress people but it's just like breathing to me. I'll be putting in poems and maybe some short stories.